Get the income and lifestyle of a CEO... all without the office politics, 3-piece suits or a fancy MBA...


Just the one idea on personal rules from Sharran was worth at least 10x ROI for me instantly

Armando Garcia
CEO, Dicar Networks


The Profit Maximization Blueprint for Entrepreneurs and Executives

Battle-tested strategies proven to create an unfair advantage and explode your bottom line…

What Exactly Do You Get?

  • A monthly printed “playbook” sent to your home via FedEx / UPS
  • Loaded with actionable strategies that you can immediately deploy in your business
  • The best ideas, easy to consume, with step-by-step implementation map
  • No fluff, no members area, no passwords, no zooms… just pure gold
  • Plus, special bonuses offered every month to help you grow your business

Sharran Srivatsaa
Creator of the CEO Playbook

The 4 CEO Pillars

Each month a new profit guide in your hands—loaded with actionable strategies you can immediately deploy in your business…to achieve MASSIVE breakthroughs:


Decoding personal and professional growth


Proven lessons to maximize profitability


Work and live from a place of aligned purpose


Skyrocket your efficiency and also your effectiveness

The Underground Playbook for the Best Entrepreneurs in the world

The King of Scale

Sharran is the king of scaling businesses. He built a real estate business up to $3.5 Billion in sales and sold it in just 5 years and then sold it. He is also an advisor to my company.

Bedros Keuilian
CEO, Fit Body Boot Camp

No Fluff, Period

Dear High Performer,

What if you could stop “guessing & testing” to find that next big business breakthrough…

And spend ALL your time, energy, and resources only on what works?

You have the work ethic.

You have the business.

And you possess an uncommon ability to lead and execute.

Imagine the growth you could accomplish if you had proven strategies that create quantum leaps in virtually any business…

Strategies that are almost guaranteed to EXPLODE your bottom line.

Well in the next 60 seconds I’m going to show you WHAT those strategies are…

WHY I’m fully confident they will work in your specific business (even with your unique challenges).

And HOW you can use this information immediately to bring a flood of NEW profits pouring into your business THIS MONTH.

Hey, I’m Sharran Srivatsaa, many of my close friends refer to me as the $3.4 Billion Dollar man… which is ridiculous if you ask me. 

No, it’s NOT because I swim the backstroke through pools of money like Scrooge McDuck.

The reason for that nickname is this…

Over the last 19 years, I’ve exited 5 separate businesses (with different structures and capacities) and I have also lost more money than I care to admit, and have had failures that I have gotten to learn a lot from as well. 

But, most recently my partners and I built Teles Properties—which we scaled 10X from $340 Million to over $3.4 Billion in sales. 

We accomplished that growth in just 5 years… landing us on the Inc. 500 list 4 years in a row.

I also currently serve as a mentor and private advisor to eight CEOs and Entrepreneurs… whose collective top line sales exceed $1 Billion.

I got my start on Wall Street as an investment banker both at Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse.

I even did the Silicon Valley Tour, building startups both as an engineer, product manager and founder. 

I tell you this not to impress you but to show you the level of experience I have gained, the types of lessons I have learned…

… and how explosively profitable this information can be for you and your business.

I’ve also mentored and advised private clients to profitably scale their own 6, 7, 8, and 9-figure businesses in Manufacturing, Ecom, SaaS, Health and Fitness, Textiles, Coaching, Consulting, Insurance, and dozens of others.

Here is what a couple of my clients shared with me...

CEOs Speak Up

The Best Mentor On Every Level

If it has Sharran Srivatsaa’s name on it, it’s worth my time. If Sharran is a part of it, I want to be a part of it also. If Sharran says that I should listen to it, or read it, it goes on my list. He isn’t just a modern guru looking to sell you the latest philosophy … He is a genuine and sincere gift to humanity and gives freely of his time to help others reach their goals. From the 5AM Club to his productivity and money courses that I refer back to countless times he gives sound advice and help that moves the needle forward. Sharran is the best mentor and coach on every level and the only thing I would change is meeting him five years earlier! I have grown more in the last year with his help than any other time in my life and I cannot say enough about his authentic and genuine support.

Connie Alexander
CEO, White House Real Estate

Thank You Sharran. Every message you send is good guidance and thoughtful leadership. You often make me smile and are definitely one of the best parts of my day.

Tacia Domrose

I went back after reading the CEO Playbook to refine and dial in my own referral process. Love it! Thank you. so much for sharing. You are awesome and very much appreciated. 

Mark A. Keller

What Exactly Do You Get with the CEO Playbook?

  • A monthly printed “playbook” sent to your home via FedEx / UPS
  • Loaded with actionable strategies that you can immediately deploy in your business
  • The best ideas, easy to consume, with step-by-step implementation map
  • No fluff, no members area, no passwords, no zooms… just pure gold
  • Plus, special bonuses offered every month to help you grow your business

Sharran Srivatsaa
Creator of the CEO Playbook

What's Working Right Now

The profit strategies I’m about to share work for businesses of ALL kinds and they will work for you too.

In fact, what I’ve discovered—through my varied experience—is that there are certain Universal Laws of Business

These Laws are constant and will almost always work no matter the business or situation… as long as they are correctly applied.

It would be very catchy and convenient here to say that there are “5 Secret Laws”, or “9 Hidden Principles”, or some other “magic bullet” you must subscribe to my Playbook to learn…

But… that’s simply not the case. And the people just looking for “magic bullets” and “quick hacks” are NOT who I want to serve anyway.

I’m here to help real business people build real businesses and make real money.

The truth is I’ve discovered many Universal Laws of Business…

And I uncover new ones regularly—as I scale my own businesses and those of my mentoring clients.

The ideas and tactics which apply these Universal Laws are what creates business breakthroughs, skyrockets profits, and rapidly grows your empire.

That is exactly what you’ll find in every issue of “CEO Playbook.”

Where you’ll receive only battle-tested, ready to use, profit boosting strategies that have been shown to work again and again…

…which you can implement immediately to bring a jetstream of NEW leads and sales flowing into your business before the weekend.

That’s the whole plan.

I want you to be able to tear open each Playbook the moment it arrives, read it in 20 minutes, then immediately use the information to start funneling fresh profits straight to your bottom line the very same week… in some cases even the same day.

Each issue contains extremely potent strategies that can completely change the entire trajectory of your business…

ALL explained in such simple terms (and with clear action steps) you’ll understand instantly and can easily implement them with your team.

Just a few examples of the type of insider knowledge you’ll gain…

  • The EXACT strategies currently showering profits into the businesses of my private consulting clients (They pay me $75k/year and up to learn these same strategies 1-on-1… Now you can have them at your fingertips in your very own playbook)


  • Proven shortcuts to build a “Championship Culture” that attracts and retains high calibre team members


  • The “EQ/IQ” Sales Method developed by a top producer at Goldman Sachs (I have used this, time and again, to turn even the most hopeless of sales teams into an unstoppable, money-stacking force)


  • 7 dead simple ways you can read your customers minds to not only solve their biggest problems… but also package your product PERFECTLY so they whip out their credit cards and buy


  • Tiny “Pivots” you can make in your business that slash expenses and skyrocket profitability


  • How to literally DOUBLE your business with referrals using a simple 3 step process (If you get 50% or more of your customers from referrals… you NEED this system to nurture your #1 source of new business)


  • What a United Nations keynote speaker and Martin Luther King Jr. can teach you about giving powerful presentations that literally change lives (And put YOU on the map!)


  • Winning strategy is the most important tool for a business owner or CEO, right? WRONG! There’s 1 thing even more powerful… and I will show you how to easily infuse it into your entire organization


  • The “10 Second History Lesson” you can inject into every email, every meeting, every communication with your team to breed high levels of motivation and productivity


  • A Secret Asset that costs ZERO dollars to create and can 2X your business in the next 11 months


  • One shockingly simple yet ultra powerful marketing technique that brings in a steady and reliable flow of new customers—WHO ARE ACTUALLY EXCITED TO BUY FROM YOU—day after day… week after week… month after month


  • Answers to the top most pressing & important questions from CEOs who I privately mentor


  • A Secret Sales and Marketing Framework for quick sales that blast you ahead of the pack… while your competitors waddle behind like wounded ducks trying to catch up


  • Ingenious “Money Amplification” techniques plucked straight from Wall Street’s highest paid CEOs (Use these to swell profit margins on command)


  • The secrets to 2X, 3X, even 5X your productivity, have more free time and eliminate stress


  • 9 Apps and Tools I personally use to supercharge productivity and automate my daily workflow while building and advising 7, 8, and 9-figure businesses


  • Word-for-word sales scripts you can effortlessly deploy with your sales team to send conversions through the roof


  • Billionaire Growth Strategies… How Silicon Valley’s top CEOs grow startups from zero to billions of dollars


Strategies just like these and more will be delivered in your CEO Playbook each and every month…

Where I’ll take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the implementation and execution of each new method.

But I’m allowing my excitement to get ahead of me here...

There’s one other EXTREMELY important piece to all this I’ve forgotten to tell you about…

And that is, when you subscribe to CEO Playbook…

As a BONUS with your membership you will also receive FREE Insider Access to my:

10K Wisdom

Members Only Private Podcast

Private soundbites for business professionals… delivering a $10,000+ positive shift in value with each and every episode

Private Podcast

Not available for public access

Continuous Releases

Episodes keep getting dropped

Inside Access

Behind closed-door conversations

Real CEO Q&A

Real questions from real CEOs

No fluff... just high-value actionable insights

Each one of these lessons and principles comes from private boardroom or 1-on-1 conversations with my Team, high level CEOs I mentor, Mastermind Groups I support, and the Founders and CEOs whose companies I’ve invested in… conversations which encapsulate BIG valuable lessons.

If I cannot see an individual idea clearly leading to a $10K+ shift in value, I do not bother sharing it here…

You will only receive the most direct, most profitable insights which are currently being used to scale 8 and 9-figure businesses.


  • How to effortlessly crank out mountains of the world’s most in demand commodity (content)


  • The secret to instantly DOUBLE your productivity and identify “hidden drags” that are draining your time and energy right now


  • How to exponentially grow your business in UNDER 30 minutes a week


  • The truth about borrowing money and how to create “Liquidity On-Demand”


  • How the “Elite 1%” leverage money to buy back time… and make more money


  • The ultra-simple, fully automated “Tech Hack” that adds a full 8th day of productivity to your week (WITHOUT you doing any more work)


  • An easy 3-Step Framework to annihilate any obstacle that comes between you and your big goals


  • And more valuable 5, 6, and 7-figure+ insights every single week…multiple times a week… week in and week out

Just Amazing

Sharran’s 10K Wisdom podcast is amazing. He provides information and tactics you can use in your business immediately. The episode called “What to do when you feel stuck” is so good. It gave me an insight and perspective I never thought about. One of the 3 things he suggested is planning. I think that one idea alone is going to change my business.

Beverly Hererra
Elation Real Estate

Which is why you should watch this video for an insane offer

I am always skeptical of systems that other people teach us but Sharran is different. His stuff is ultra-practical because he can point to exactly how he uses it in his life and it’s battle-tested.

Jesse Salas

I buy all of Sharran’s stuff immediately because it’s filled with value… and I binge on 10K Wisdom since it right to the point like a straight up triple shot espresso.

Nainil Chheda

Ultimate Bundle

You may be asking... How is CEO Playbook different from $10K Wisdom?

  • CEO Playbook is the ultimate blueprint and implementation guide to exponentially scale your business—through a fresh master stroke of strategy each month…


  • $10K Wisdom is finger-on-the-pulse business wisdom delivered multiple times per week… with high value ideas and insights from my day to day business interactions.


This way CEO Playbook catapults you to new levels of success, while $10K Wisdom keeps you dominating at each level.

That’s what makes them the perfect pair and why I’ve combined them like this so you get MAXIMUM benefit and MONSTER results.

A few more highlights of $10K Wisdom…

✅ $10K wisdom is your backstage pass to closed door meetings and private conversations where the most valuable strategies for business growth and profitability are discussed

✅ Every week, multiple private $10K soundbites—for your ears only—will be delivered directly to a member’s only folder hosted within your favorite podcast player on your phone

✅ Direct access to the most impactful information and teachings I share with my $50K – $100K, 1-on-1 CEO mentoring clients

✅ With each episode capable of providing a $10K or greater positive shift in your life and business, and lifetime access to all past and future episodes… You can expect not just a 10X ROI on your investment, but an infinitely positive ROI

✅ More than $200K worth of immediately accessible, value-shifting wisdom available as soon as you unlock your membership

✅ When you’re plugged into my $10K Wisdom, you will always have your finger on the pulse of the most exciting opportunities in business and dangerous threats to avoid

Just having this rare knowledge at your fingertips is going to give you an incredible sense of power.

Everything has been fully detailed and mapped out so that ALL you have to do is execute…

And once you begin to implement these strategies... everything will fall into place iike Dominos

It’s only been a few days, but Sharran’s methods are fantastic. I’m a former Exec, retired, and now unretired — didn’t think I could optimize much more, as I was already highly productive.

But I’ve been scouring the web on the best worklife habits and thus far Sharran’s methods have proven to be the most practical / tangible.

Josh Ketter

Sharran’s delivery on these strategies in on point. There is no fluff and it’s straight up gold. It’s easy to over think the stuff we don’t know but when someone can draw it out or build it out for you live… right there, then you know you can just do it.

He recently helped me build a sales presentation in front of an entire mastermind group and showed me how to triple my profits… live!

Vikram Deol

The ultimate No-Brainer

Normally membership access to my $10K Wisdom podcast alone would run you $2,500…


But because I want you to get FAST results… and since it’s such a perfect compliment…

When you subscribe to my CEO Playbook for less than the cost of a cup of decent coffee per day…

I’m going to give you immediate access to $10K Wisdom for FREE.